Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer
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Warner Brothers to Adapt Entering Hades for Cinema

John Malkovich plays Jack Unterweger in an Opera

Entering Hades voted Best True Crime Book of 2007 by
In Cold Blog

The New York Times Sunday Book Review Editors' Choice

"John Leake has written the definitive book - dispassionate, superbly detailed..."
- The New York Times - Sunday Book Review

"I am an ex–bank robber who served nine years in prisons all across the country, so I have met my fair share of brazen criminals. But I have never heard about anyone with Jack Unterweger's unbridled audacity. Even seasoned ex-con friends of mine found it difficult to believe Jack's story wasn't fiction."
- Joe Loya, Barnes & Noble Review

Entering Hades selected as one of Men's Vogue Best Books of 2007

Entering Hades selected as one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 11 Reviews

"Though Leake's account takes one heart-stopping turn after another, it never crosses the line into sensationalism."
- Entertainment Weekly

"...page turning, savagely intimate...a cracking good true-crime tale that...readers will not soon forget."
- Publishers Weekly starred review (8/2007)

"Unterweger's story remains obscure here perhaps because it was overshadowed first by the state trial of the officers in the Rodney King beating and then by the O.J. Simpson case. John Leake's fascinating book Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer is sure to change that."
- The Los Angeles Times

"Then a story comes a long that is too wild even for fiction...a propulsive narrative that has the feel of a thriller."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Leake...juggles chronology and countries, literary escapades and murder, with dazzling storytelling skills."
- Men's Vogue

"John Leake gives Chris Petit a salutary lesson on the dangers of charm in The Vienna Woods Killer."
- The Guardian (UK)

"This anatomy of an antihereo describes a psychopath worthy of Patricia Highsmith's fiction--a Mr. Ripley with media savvy."
- Playboy

"The raw, graphic details of his subject's intricately calculated murders will surely be a draw for fans of Cold Case Files. . .Impeccably researched, memorably gruesome."
- Kirkus Review (9/2007)

"Entering Hades achieves a cinematic quality...But unlike Silence of the Lambs, Unterweger's story is real...compelling."
- Penthouse

Feature in LA Observed Interview in Dallas Morning News

"John Leake builds up a mesmerising portrait of a Jekyll-and-Hyde figure who drew women into his double life like rabbits before a cobra."
- Daily Mail UK

Edited Extract in The Guardian

"Leake has conducted prodigious research, and seems to have interviewed just about everyone who had any relevant contact...with the psychopathic killer."
- The Times

"I loved it...heartily to be recommended to a wide range of readers."
- The Scotsman

"...reads more like a good crime novel and it's not until you look at the notes and list of sources that you realise that this is all dreadful fact."
- Bookbag

"Maybe only women can understand the appeal of a man like this. Part Casanova, part Beau Brummel, part Ted Bundy. I couldn't get enough of him."
- CLEWS The Historic True Crime Blog

CLEWS Interviews True Crime Author John Leake

Media Bistro Review

"Leake mined Unterweger's personal papers, including the prison writings, to develop a deep and foreboding portrait of a clever, nimble killer."
- Booklist

"To me, the best story is one where the reader doesn't read a story but instead lives it with each page turn. John Leake is an author to keep an eye on as his career progresses. If this is just a taste of his potential, we have a banquet to look forward to in further works."
- Sabrina's Reviews

"This nonfiction account reads like the most thrilling of murder mysteries...an enthralling, sinister tale."
- The Williams Record

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